Reader’s comments on Chicks of Characterization

Kristy Denice Bock said… Wow, a prince and a would-be nun. That’s positively scandalous! I can’t wait to read it!!


December 13, 2010 9:53 AM

Clancy said… I’m just thrilled to see a man writing romance. We all know how we loves us some men. Men writing romance is like frosting on the cake! Yay for you, Vickram. Now go get some more guys doing what you’re doing.

Clancy December 13, 2010 10:29 AM

Hywela Lyn said… I really must learn to spell check my comments, sorry! There is nothing more romantic to a romantic woman than a romantic man – and if he can also write romance, that’s a match made in Heaven! Forbidden love sounds like a wonderful story. Wishing you loads of sales, love and success Vickram.

December 13, 2010 12:08 PM

booklover0226 said… This sounds pretty interesting. Not something I would normally read, but I’m always looking for something different. Thanks,

Tracey D  December 13, 2010 3:47 PM

Miriam Newman said… Star-crossed lovers are always special. Good luck with the book!

December 13, 2010 8:46 PM

booklover0226 said…What wonderful comments. I look forward in reading your works.Thanks,Tracey DDecember 15, 2010 5:09 PMSky Purington said…You had me at…”an avid follower of all things paranormal and magick since childhood,” Vickram. Same here!

The Forbidden Love sounds fantastic! Will certainly be checking it out. 🙂


December 14, 2010 9:54 PM


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