My new Christmas release The Forbidden Love


It gives me great pleasure to announce that my 2nd e-book ‘The Forbidden Love’ is being published by XOXO as part of the Christmas Anthology.


On Christmas day he was to be crowned the King and she was to become a nun. But once their paths cross their lives are changed forever. The picturesque Scottish Castle is on the edge, torn between conflicting loyalties. Love, betrayal, power, religion, friends and foes all play a part in a story that takes the lovers on the brink. Will the love and spirit of Christmas overcome the conventions or become its victim? A heartfelt story of the star-crossed lovers.

Story in brief

The Forbidden Love is a Christmas story set in Scottish Highlands in the middle ages. It is the tale of a Prince, who falls in love with a Italian choir singer who is to be initiated into nun-hood. The Priest heading the monastery cannot allow a nun to elope with the Prince and forces the young man to choose between the crown and love.

Characters like the Jester, a beggar woman who loves the Prince as his son and the picturesque Castle, Gypsy fete add color to the story.


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